This institution is borne out of the dream of one woman, Mondira Bharadwaj, to make a contribution in the field of education and to transform as many lives by empowering them with learning, creativity and passion.

We at Aditi Education believe that education is no longer the realm of just the traditional methods of teaching- rather it is the platform for a whole lot of existing, exploratory and alternative styles of teaching to come together for a cohesive amalgamation.

Our initiatives attempt to :

  • Recalibrate the capabilities of teachers by helping them being more creative in teaching
  • Provide strategic interventions to students and professionals that help them assess their abilities and aptitudes, and thereby supersede their own expectations.
  • Set up and transform schools in terms of physical layout, pedagogy, administration & management, curriculum etc.
  • Revamp existing methods and elevate current teaching methodologies to a more contemporary level.

At Aditi, our constant endeavour is simple - to help people rediscover the joy in learning.