Life Skills & Adult Personality

Adult Personality Development (for home-makers, youth and working professionals)

Professionals, who have an already successful career, or even those who may be looking to give their career a ‘personality’ boost, may find our Adult Personality Development workshops very effective.
A lot of times, working professionals, even though very skilled, may feel themselves to be at a disadvantage because of lack of good communication skills, or smart etiquette and social engagement abilities or the lack of a confident, outgoing persona.

Our aim is to help you achieve a certain level of “personal development” that will empower you to make little but key changes in your lifestyle, habits and more importantly , your thought processes.
Social concepts like Team building & Engagement, Leadership, Trust, Personal Betterment, Social Etiquette, Language & Communication, Strategic Orientation & Problem Solving etc. are critical concepts covered during these interactions.

Workshops like these involve intensive exercises and activities that initially focus on bringing out the strengths, developmental areas and personality types of each individuals., and then go on to tackle the identified problem areas and ‘blind spots’.

The workshop methodologies include lectures, activity sheets, role-plays and simulations, group games, case studies, and other individual and group assignments.
These workshops are usually held over 3-5 consecutive days or over 3-5 weekends.