Parent Counseling

Almost all parents of toddlers and preschoolers have vast expectations from the schools they choose to send their children to. In the same way, parents themselves have a very significant role to fulfill that cannot be replaced by school experience.

For schools that understand and appreciate the necessity of Parent Counseling, we work out a calendar with each school and conduct parent-counseling workshops for those parents who have children in pre-primary and primary classes. These sessions are specially designed to help parents understand their 21st century child. Knowing how to effectively communicate with them, how to bring out and channel their natural curiosity and the desire to learn, how to ‘positively’ discipline and how to have realistic expectations from their children helps parents further strengthen the bond they have with their children and to become a very positive influence for them.

Parent Counseling workshops are highly interactive and allow for a freewheeling discussion between the parents and the facilitators. The impact and effectiveness of such workshops is seen immediately as parents and teachers together identify and discuss any social, emotional, intellectual as well as other developmental problem areas for pre primary and primary classes.