School Improvement

Every school and educational institution aspires to be the best in its field, be it the kind of facilities it provides, the competency and expertise of its teachers, or its approach towards pedagogy.

To help them achieve these objectives, we help existing schools undertake a thorough analysis on their strengths, areas of development and identify opportunities that the school can benefit from.

The comprehensive assessment that we carry out includes

  • Curriculum
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Teaching Process Workflow & Assessment
  • Academic activities
  • Display Boards
  • School labs
  • Training and Skill Building of teachers
  • Academic & Office Administration
  • Building and Facilities Infrastructure
  • Sports
  • Extra-Curricular activities ((Debating, Declamation, Art & Crafts, Robotics, Special Projects, Environmental Studies, Social & Community Development).
  • Student Councils
  • School magazine & Editorial services
  • International affiliations/associations for Faculty Development and Student Exchanges
  • IT & Communication Technologies
  • Setting up of Education Resource Centre for use within the school and outside, with specific teacher learning material.
  • Parent Councils and Engagement forums
  • External Communications, Marketing and School PR