In-Service-Training for Child Centered Innovative & Thematic Approach (for Teachers of Pre Primary and Primary School)

In Service Training is one of the most impactful and sought-after workshops in our portfolio. It seeks to give a method, structure, sequence and theme to the way pre-primary and primary teachers impart concepts and life skills.

These training programs are held in schools at specific and regular intervals. A total of 70-80 workshops are conducted for the pre-primary and primary classes at their schools to cover all subjects including Languages, Science, Mathematics, Art & Craft, General Awareness, Creative Writing and Expression. Teaching methodologies are entirely activity and project oriented.

The aim of such an exhaustive and comprehensive program is to make the teachers more creative and hence, innovative, who in turn, will make the children creative thinkers and innovators.

Such programs have helped a multitude of schools maximize their teaching impact in such a way that children always carry this ‘innovative approach to thinking’ ahead in their higher classes as well as later on in their lives.